1. सक्रिय दिमाग की कार्यझमता
सक्रिय दिमाग की कार्यझमता
सक्रिय दिमाग की कार्यझमता


Our active brain
Active and working brain is divided into 4 types according to his performance with attentively. We analyze this type of brain and helped with articles for improving performance. Proper treatment is mentioned for better performance.
2nd division brain
This type of person generally finds 2nd class in his working even in academic works after hard labor. Whole life he runs on expectation that he will find in top level in competition but he finds on 2nd rank. I analyze this type of person and worked for preparing on high level working.
Switching off brain on working
This is special mode of working of this type of person. Essay is written on his experience that can be easily understand if anyone can have this type of problem, they can find benefit from this articles.
This types of persons said this type of complains
• Brain active and inactive – There are many times my brain is not working and going to sleep. After sometime or few moment again active mode of brain working. But initiation of working is disturbed and memorization is disturbed. Brain takes extra presser to understand of past event that I seen. This event took place after working of brain in stress mode. This indicates that my brain working is disturbed for taking instant energy for his working. Lose of instant energy makes brain tired and goes sleep mode. Alert of working brain active and again makes working after taking energy of activation. Working and sleeping mode is alternate.
• Understanding base – My brain works efficiently on working in normal scheduled. In high mode of presser thinking brain again gets tired mode and tension is created in understanding. Pain feeling in brain in deep understanding. So I get normal in understanding. I read book for better understanding in this sense slow and limit energy delivered is given and presser for understanding gives chances for retention and memorization is took place.
• Past memory – We easily explain past events in descriptive way. Assimilation of past and new events is in better way.
• Escape from work load – I escape from work presser. I take time for working but I did not stand on this type of working. So my performance is down in working.
• Regularity – I take time in my working and work is regular basis.
• Working management – I lose working tension easily and take time for scheduled working.
• Thinking and management – I take time of working for setting by silent thinking and work on this scheduled.
• Long working – Long time working is boring for me because of thinking is deep with laborious mental works.
• Time setting – Time setting for any working is not in order.
• Planning – Planning is best process that guides the organization and weak point of working.
• Organization – I did not organize my working that is best for work completion. There are many steps that has full of potential strength for completion. One step completion remotes brain for another working.

• This type of brain can be upgraded for 1st division brain. But regular habit will take place with full of planning.
• Regular exercise should be taken for regulation of energy delivering process.
• Homoeopathic medicine for stimulating of function according to present situation that is varies from person to person.
• Maintain performances by applying mental buster guideline.
• Practice for attaining of demerit paint in proper guideline.
Source – Case study report
Author – Dr.Amarnath sahu

1nd division brain
This type of brain is best in their performance. There are many type of tips are present in this type of brain. Adaptation is best according to changing situation. They have easily understand their problem and proper answer for resolution.
Alert Brain for target.
Active mode- My brain works on target

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