बाल का उपचार

Hair Treatment – बाल का उपचार

बाल मे होने वाले विभिन्न प्रकार के समस्या के निदान के लिए होमियो पैथिक उपचार एक कारगर उपाय है। बाहरी देखभाल के साथ ही अंदर के कारण का निदान आवश्यक है। अंदर के समस्या का सही एवं पुर्ण ईलाज संभव है। यहॉ इस प्रकार के विमारी का सांकेतिक विवरण का उल्लेख किया जा रहा है।

बिभिन्न प्रकार कि बिमारीयॉ –

  • बाल का गिरना या झरना
  • बाल का सफेद होना
  • बाल का उलझना
  • बाल का पतला होना
  • बाल का दोमुहा होना


  • बाल का झरना

बाल के झरने का कई तरह के कारण होते है। अंदर के विमारी के कारण अधिकांशतः बाल का झरना बना रहता है। व्यक्ति के कमजोर या रूग्न होने पर उसके बाल का झरना आरम्भ होता है।




Action and protection

Hair is top most part of our body. It covers our head and protects from direct heat of sun and various types of dust that can directly contact with head. In winter season it acts as blanket that caught air and makes warm of scalp. In foggy weather tinny particle cannot strike directly on scalp. In rainy season rain falling is first on hair of scalp that protect from direct strike. In Industrial area acid rain took place where it protects acid to direct arrive at scalp. In alertness condition of cold effect our hair is erect and makes warmer cover that help to cold affect. Our head have important organs. It regulates our whole body’s function so its special protection is required. Our body has a hair on heads that protect our scalp. A temperate country person has high heat zone that harm hair. It regulates head temperature it has air pocket that makes a blanket which have a barrier from direct contact to atmospheric air. Hair is the dead parts of body. No living cells are found in hair shaft.


Its distribution on head is same in all parts. Some person has dense hair on head and other in comparatively less hair in head. Distribution on hair in other parts on body is different from head. Hair on other body parts is either present of absent depend upon person specificity due to genetic factor. Some person has dense body hair where as some have comparatively less hair on body. In disease condition it is distribution is disturbed and it required treatment to make normal.


• Action and protection
• Distribution
• Growth
• Color
• Cutting of hair
• Style
• Use of oil
• Washing of hair



• Baldness

  • Cause
  • Treatments


Hair is dead parts of our body. It grows on root level. Shaft of hair that is outermost part of hair makes long on till death. Older part of hair is in the distance part of hair. New hair growth is found on root level. Hair makes discolor at any part of shaft did not correct by medicine due to it is dead. Hair that comes from root is normal after treatment. There are many factors that harm hair growth.


Hair is different color in different person depend upon genetic factor. Basically color of hair comes from our parents through genetic factor. At time of birth color of hair is natural. It can be changed on time with living. Many factors affect hair color. Graying of hair took place in certain limit of age as old age where as it is shown that premature hair graying took place. Discoloration of hair took place in any part of shaft hair. After treatment normal hair comes on root level. You cut down discolor hair at this place new normal healthy hair come out after treatment. Cutting of hair is best from whole head hair from head level. Discolored hair makes normal but it can be done on chemical treatment and it is not for very long time. Its effects remain on certain time and again makes changes color. It harms the shaft of hair life. It can cause allergy in sensitive person due to chemicals affect. So you did not dye hair frequently.

Cutting of hair

Hair cuts in many occasion either traditional or on desire. Many people cut hair due to avoid falling of hair. This person cut hair on regular interval but I observed that this method did not get relief from falling of hair. I asked many people where you get idea about t this method; many people said that I get it from saloon person.
Hair cutting should be in certain interval that makes scalp of hair free from many disease. Practically it is formulated in male which can be depend either on custom or on desire.
In female hair is remaining without cut in life long. But in some cases one time after certain age hair is cut and thinking is that if birth hair is removed and new one will come that is better than before. It is true you may apply it for better affect. To stop bifurcation of hair top hair is cut but bifurcation again took place. So, treatment is required to stop bifurcation of hair. For healthy hair management is must that makes hair lifelong.


In present time many chemical and hair handling procedure are available from which you can changes your hair style. But Alteration of natural style of hair in regular interval harms your hair life. Heating of hair for binding makes harm scalp’s hair and damages hair. Different styles of hair are adapted to specify his personality as curly hair hard, hair that cannot turn easily, soft hair that is easy to move and difficult to handle is found in genetic base. You handle your hair carefully to makes healthy.

Use of Oil

Many people said that my hair makes sticky after oil use so I cannot tolerate it. This person makes his hair free and in very long time he cannot use oil at all. Here his thinking is the parts of his personality. I found that in problem of hair disease he takes medicine but did not use oil. I found that use of natural oil as coconut oil is beneficial in making hair and scalp healthy. You may apply it in night and wash it in morning due this you will found best result of your hair health.
There are many types of oil in market some have petroleum base oil in different scent with aromatic compound. This makes hair free from sticky but causes harm of hair and scalp. Petroleum irritates our scalp. It is flammable also. Many herbal products are used but all are not best for long term of use due to harmful combination. So I advised that, you use natural oil.

Washing of hair

Washing is must due to dirty of hair. Washing of hair with water is a normal method of washing. But in use of shop or shampoo case you should make careful. Care in sense that chemical may harm your hair. It is best that you should apply these in two times in week in general way. Weak hair hard presser did not tolerate and loss of hair is increasing. This types of sign is the indication of your hair is weak. Here treatments are required.
Sweating and itching
Scalp has sweat gland and sweating took place to cool the head from extra heat. If you will not wash your hair for long term a dirty layer is accumulate on your scalp and makes itching due to infection. Sometimes many eruptions come out. An acute infection change into complex disease and is difficult to cure. If you use cap on head you wash frequently to clean from bacteria. You use only dried clothes on head. You clothes should be dried on sunlight that kills bacteria. Other persons clothes did not use it may cause infection. In all cases hair loss may be takes places. A Brain like part comes from head that is found after infection. After its affect hair loss took places.


Balanced diet makes hair fit and fine. After recover from chronic disease diet regime is changed so hair fall is took place. In the case of lactation special food is required to protect from hair fall. You applied protein based food that makes hair healthy. In anemia case you must takes food of iron based that help to recover as banana.


Regular exercise makes hair healthy. Blood circulation in this person is fast and makes hair follicle healthy. So you make active by exercising and avoid hair fall. Some exercise that makes special affect on your head. Simple stimulation of scalp after moisten of hair with finger and hand increase the blood circulation of scalp.


Loss of hair from a particular area is basically seen. We observe that hair is loss from top of head basically because top of head receive mode dust, heat, sunlight and other substance in comparison to other part of head. Its presentation indicates that no hair on scalp. Plan of head is seen. Sometimes very less hair is found and it is also vanished on time lapse. It is also genital cause. If your parents are suffering from baldness it may affect you in certain age. You take medicine just to start to baldness. It makes cure baldness from these effects. In this case hair follicle has loss the power of hair growth. Grafting of hair is the process where new hair is implanted with its root in sequential basis and finalize the baldness are but color of new and old hair is some different. If symptomatic treatment starts that checks the effect of baldness.


Tension harm the mostly harm the baldness of hair. Many problems come slowly and makes seek the hair follicle and ultimately complete loss of hair. Sorrow, food habitat, changing life style is the other cause of baldness. One time its complete loss of hair takes place and hair follicle has loss the complete power to restart its function the difficult to grow hair on sculp. So, you must stat treatment earlier.
Baldness causes from hormonal irregularities in function Castration after. Complete loss of hormonal function gives great affects. Hormonal irregularities corrected by treatments. You must start treatment as soon as you face these types of problems.


Homoeopathic treatments gives best result if you stat treatment in earlier time. If you face hair loss, you must stat treatment. Symptomatic treatment cures the affect of baldness.
Improper supplies of blood in Particular area causes baldness due to asthma in young age. Slow paralytic affection in that area is also causative .Burning in head and other parts are sole or palm area is also a causative factor. Pneumonia is also causative factor. Difficult in respiration is also a causative factor. In female ovarian cyst is found that because hormonal disturbances and baldness of took places. Difficult is digestion due to lover defective with gastric problem. Above all is treated and result loss of hair is remove.

Falling out

Hair is falling out from any part of body. This type of problem is based on some special cause that is applicable in whole body hair. Falling in particular area either slows process of fast falling depending upon active cause severity. To detect this special focus is required. Falling of hair is either from root part as white part with hair or shaft part. Weak hair is falling after touch or rubbing of skin. All is corrected after treatments.
Regular excitement or mood of excitement makes person sick to think on particular matter. Regular thinking on excitement matte creates many problem in which falling of hair is progressing. Hair falling is increasing on developing of exiting cause. Weakness from physical and mental exhaustion causes hair falling. Excessive sexual intercourse makes person weak and after long time persists of this types of affect hair falling takes place. Great sexual tension that sick person and caught sexual grief causes hair falling. Pubic hair is also falling in long term of tension. Many other symptoms are also is completion of diseases. All are treated in taking account of diseases. Weakness from sudden lack of stamina cause falling of hair due to excessive sexual excitements. Anxiety and fear with sleeplessness progress causes hair falling. Stomach diseases cause loss of food intakes and due to excitement affection that ends in hair falling.
Disturbance in Gonad hormone secretion change makes hair falling from whole body. Hormonal changes take places in male from testis or in female from ovarian. This type of falling of hair is starts in young age person with graying and falling or only hair falling. In case of female ovarian cyst may be found. This cause disturbed the ovarian function and may starts hair falling.
Sever illness
Falling of hair takes places after parturition or severs illness by any disease. Person makes weak and at this falling of hair took places. Sever illness is that long term of fever or fainting or collapse.
Viral infection as herpetic eruption on skin causes hair falling. Skin is dry and thick. This type of infection affects hair follicles of hair and causes graying of hair. Oversensitive, Burning pains.

Hair falling from drug abuse and any thought of spiritual that suppress emotion. You are in emotional and want to do but you cannot do such due to thought of rules of spiritual power. Flushes of heat in body. Excessive fluid loss in form of seminal discharges either masturbation of excessive sexual intercourse. Hair falling increases at time of menses, in abortion, Pregnancy and menopause. Aversion to take salt and fat.
Growth of hair excessive
Tumor like growth in any part of body at which hair is found and this hair grows in excessive. This growth can be checked by treatments. It is found that one or more then one of hair of a particular area is growing in excessive treats with homoeopathic medicine and checks their growth. Sometimes we cut excessive growth hair and make equal with other hair but it again growth fast comparison to neighbor hair. After treatments it grows on normal. Sometimes hair grows in excessive in overheating area of body. It due to sensitivity of that area it is also treated.
Hair on a particular area is thick and poorly comes in surfaces. Hair grows on roughly in a particular area where it should be in same in past. This type of affect is cured by treatments.
Tangles easily
At this stage hair is long and twisted in confusion mass. Straight and free hair is generally likes to hangs easily. But some problem hair is tangle or twisted this gives problem to handle easily. Hair dressing is not easy. Washing of this hair is difficult either with soft care. This types of is easily treated by medicine. You can contact now.

There are many types of hair disease we face in day to day life. A disease which can be treated successfully are summarized as follows
Type of Hair disease

  • Hair falling
  • Hair graying
  • Hair Mating
  • Hair thinning
  • Hair tip bifurcating
  • Alopecia



  • Hair falling


  • Body hair falling
  • Head hair falling
  • Beard hair falling
  • Private part hair falling


  • Hair graying


  • premature hair graying
  • Old age hair graying
  • Body hair graying
  • Head hair graying
  • Beard hair graying
  • Private part graying


  • Hair falling

Generally hair of head is uncovered part of body that regularly interact with environment. Heat, light There are many cause that affect hair growth and make breakable. There are many external factor that harm hair health.Hair that is breakable in present time is corrected by medicine.This is possible in growing hair. Hair is dead so growth is only on root level. A new hair is come in healthy way. if a person is not intake nutrition in balanced diet is affected hair falling.if a plant which have less nutrition fall its leaves first off all then other parts affected. as this body is sick in nutritional first of all hair is breakable. in many people which have long hair till death said that he use natural matter in her hair with tension free.

  • Hair graying

Graying of hair is discoloration of hair. In hair melanin pigment is absent or changed.In Hair follicle if supplied of blood is improper follicle is affected and graying of hair took place.There are many factor affected this. Mostly is tension is the prime cause to do his.

Premature graying and falling of hair are seen in every age group of person. Perhaps it is caused by changing life style. Many times balanced diet and natural food habit makes the hair black and strong. In long time running person did not mind balanced diet and changed habit and again came in previous stage. this indicates that you must take natural food and balanced diet. Many medicines are responsible to fall hairs in childhood stage. Below 5 years age many child fall their hairs due to taking treatments of pneumonia. After log time running it is cured by automatic or medicine. There are many product of external use is not for suited for all and makes harm of hair. Many oil that have petroleum based product that harm hair.Thin and non adhesive products are available in many fantasist pack that are not fit for hair. There are some natural oil that gives best result for making hair strong as coconut oil. A shampoo make the hair free and shiny but it is not used at regular basis. It makes harm. you must give gap to use. Many social tips are applied to make healthy hair. Such tips are applied with knowing detail with necessary precaution. you must take help of export to specifies it. A lot of product and tips are available that can be used and you will get benefited. But all the times you will not reached in right place and makes tension.
Root hair follicle is infected by bacteria and brine like scale are formed on head. Such situation is required treatment. Wash your head with medicated soap or shampoo. you use it at certain interval. Many person did not take any oil in their hair for long time have problem of hair thinning and falling. so i advice to use oil as possible.

In young person there are many cohabit that makes him sick as mentally and physically. Slowly many short courses disease are developed. Hair premature and premature falling, thinning of hair, Spot on head is hairless. The treatment of such disease again makes the previous position. So write treatment is required to fit the hair healthy. Regular exercise favors to make the hair healthy in the cost of balanced diet. Tension gives many short disease and hair fall also took place but in some cases other types of disease is also develop. Regular check up is must to fit and fine. Now contact. 2nd Edit on 7.2017

Use of external product

There are many cosmetic product that use to fit and fine the hair may harm it use. Chemical based this product makes hair free for some times. If this chemical is frequently used caused thinning of hair and brittle easily. Many product have details of knowledge about its effect and makes challenges to its greater effect but it did not specifies its bad affect. Here frequently use of different product may harm your hair. so you one product and check out its affect and changes to your requirement. Shampoo is also use frequently it makes harm. so you use either one or two days in week. Many herbal product challenges to best affect bu it is found that it not suited to all. so you did not copy to other person. you may consult to your problem about your problem in detail. I cure many person that have brittle hair. Causes are different in different person.Edited on 27/8/2017

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