त्वचा के वीमारी

Curation of skin disease
Skin disease problem

त्वचा की वीमारी विभिन्न कारणो से होती है,जिसमे कुुछ विमारी संक्रमीत व्यक्ति के सपर्क मे आने से होता हैै तो कूछ विमारी कूछ अलग कारणो से भी हेता है। समुुुुचित तरीको से ईलाज होने पर इनका इलाज संभव होता है। होमीयोपैैथिक मे इसका ईलाज पुर्णतः स्मभव हैैै।

दीनाय or Ringworm

ring work disease
Ring worm problem

यह नया या पुुुुराणा या दोनो प्रकार लोगो मे पाया जाता है।

Skin Disease curation

Skin is jack of all trade. It gives protection of our body.It is regularly maintained by persons at birth time to death. We make clean it by several means. After all affection takes place. First local treatment is applied for curation. Secondly we apply medicinal treatment. Partially or fully control of disease took places. Sometimes skin disease is not fully cure and repeat on periodical manner. Many short term treatment is applied but ultimately result is not achieved. Facial expression is fully based on our skin. Any defect may cause our impression damage. So it is maintained by at any cost.
We treat many skin disease and have full data for its study. I regularly monitor curation of disease with time and success. My regularly deep observation makes my confidence high on my treatment. I regular monitor disease by medicine administration till final result is achieved. A proper guideline is applied for making healthy in coming life. Our guideline make many person healthy from long duration. They easily analyze their disease if they did not follow guideline. So my treatment is very valuable and long time function for better presentation of life.

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