पुर्ण स्वास्थय जाँच

Total health check up
Total health check up

Our body has complex mechanism which is autonomous in nature. Their all action are maintained in natural state of living. In natural state interaction with body harmony may derange or maintained depend upon either adverse situation or favourable situation facing. In present time our food habit may play a important role to maintained normal hormone level. Any derange situation with body after interaction is treatable and make influence on mental state of person. That can be observable depend upon persons receiving capacity of this state. We cannot completely controlled natural state of our neighbourhood. We can maintained our derange health with proper care. This proper care is analysed in experienced mind. This is better with regular data input. This is better with regular checkup. 

Our body have good information system for alerting about derange health or coming disease. This is happened in mental symptom of derange of coming disease. By regular checkup we can easily solved this situation. A proper guideline is required for being happy in entire situation facing. Problem may be state with psychological level and then to physical level and our happiness will vanished slowly. This is easily treatable with healthy thought with expert. This will achieved with this checkup. In  physical state derange our mental feelings is changed. In many situation we may feel anger, tension, suicidal tendency, unwell feeling. This can be easily treatable this situation in early state with counselling of situation. Further this unsolved condition causes physical changing and we make seek with making reactive about sound , noise, alone feeling, and slowly to deep problem. This is easily treatable with starting of disease with this problem.

Easy to faces:-

  • Idea about coming problem
  • Aware for coming adverse situation
  • Facing serious problem
  • Maximum protection about health
  • Less tension
  • Maintained happiness
  • Healthy mind
  • Diet and regimen guideline
  • Social justice
  • Harmony life

Updated – 2/10/2019

Total health check up gives idea about coming problem in rest of life span. We are aware for coming situation and are ready to face it. Maximum precaution is maintained for getting better result. I find it that no more serious problem is facing in rest life. Easy to solve health problem if faces. Any defect is determined in body in earlier time and treated with accordingly. 

Regular scheduled check up with total health check up give maximum protection about infection. Better happy life is going on. You can faces less tension due to your toleration capacity is comparatively high in comparative to other  person which is not in this process. 

Our body is a complex mechanism that has maintain all the event and flushes outwardly affect on as a personal feeling. This is the starting point of disease. This is called disease in mental plane. Many persons takes it as easy solution matter but it grow and make more complex with other events. Slowly we faces complex disease in our body. Ultimately when we faces problem in my social life function we go for treatment where more dangerous events are treated and other remains same. In homoeopathic treatment we calculate all events and associate with each other and make full treatment. In this manner we make total health check up.

पूर्ण शारीरीक जाँच एक ऐसी व्यवस्था है जिसके साथ हमेे हमारी वीमारी का सही और समुचीत सामाधान मिलता है। स्वास्थय के प्रती हमारी चिंता कम हो जाती है। समय के साथ होनेवाली विमारी का सही हल निकालने मे मदद मिलती है। बार-बार होनेवाली बीमारी का सही समाधान मिलना मुमकिन हो जाता है। 

प्रमुख जानकारीयाँ

  • अनुवांसिक समवन्धी जानकारी
  • बृृधा अवस्था मे होने वाली विमारी
  • आकस्मिक विमारी की जटीलता
  • हड्डी का कमजोर होना 
  • लम्बा सरदर्द
  • तनाव का वना रहना 

डाटा संकलन

समय-समय पर होने वाली जाँच सिर्फ हमे विमारी के वारे मे उस समय की स्थिति की जानकारी प्रदान करता हैैै। जवकी नियमित समय पर होने वाली लगातार जाँच पुरे शारीरीक प्रक्रम की जानकारी प्रदान करता है।

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