Administration of homoeopathic medicine

There are several method of taking Homeopathic medicine. We are generally advised administration of Homoeopathic medicine in mouth on tongue. Selected dose of medicine should be take on definite time. A person must be follow time table to take medicine. Selected medicine is remedy that is given drop by drop on tongue in required dose. Crude form of medicine should not be take directly on tongue it may effect you tongue so it dilute it in purified required amount of water. This medicine is mixed with saliva and ingested on stomach through mouth.

Externally applied medicine is gently applied on effected part as prescribed. Must follow the instruction as given on prescription or directed to use. If you feels any changes in your feeling after taking medicine , you can contact by giving detail about your feeling. All types of feeling you can share to best diagnosis. Sometimes person confused about direction or unwanted confusion at this situation you must conform about your question. Did you have any confusion about administration of medicine you can ask question. Dose and duration of medicine can be adjusted if medicinal aggravation is persisted. If you feels new symptoms, you must talk about this. होमीओपैथीक मेडीसीन का उपयोग निर्देशानुसार करें। दवा को जीभ पर बूंद – बुंद करके लें। मुल अर्क को सिधे जीभ पर न लें। मुल अर्क को साफ पानी के साथ बतलाया गये निर्देश के अनुसार ले।
बाहरी उपयोग होने वाले दबा के प्रत्येक बार सही से उपयोग निर्देशानुसार करे।